April 30, 2010

Jaden is rolling along!

Here she is...9 weeks! I am impressed with this little wonder-girl!

Boulder's Fairy Parade!

My friend Kristin and I took our girls to Boulder's Fairy parade today. (She has a beautiful daughter, Banner, 3 weeks younger than Jaden.

We did not have much in the area of a costume...but through Rylie in her favorite Tink wings,a hand-me-down Tink shirt, and my old ballet skirt! It worked...kinda! At least she thought that she was BEAUTIFUL.

It was unbelievalbe to see soooooooooooooo many kids and so many kids in tu-tus and wings! Lots of fun, lots of fun...bubbles, music, balloons, hissing cockroaches, balance beams, "real" fairies with pixie dust, and toys galore! (And yes, Rylie was the only one dancing in this video, below!)

Another snow day...

We had a snow day today...at least until 3pm when the sun came out again! It is incredible to me that within 24 hours, we went from this:

To this:

So, we pulled out a new, old game! Granne and Gramps were cleaning out the game section of their house...and we got lots of cool new "old" ones! Here is one that Rylie adores and wants to stay up late to play and wake up early to tear into.

Richard Scary's Puzzletown (This was Aunt Heidi's when she was young)

April 23, 2010


The pounding in the basement today was more loud than normal, so the kiddos only took an hour nap instead of two! (Jaden slept through it all though...) So, we decided to play the good old game of Twister, with a toddler-friendly twist. Here is a clip of the fun... (Amy, I cannot play this game without thinking of you, and our Seattle Stretch game in college!)

It snowed today. Here is Jaden's first peak at the white stuff.

April 22, 2010

More of Camp Cousin...

It is such a joy to see the cousins LOVE ON Jaden. They take turns sitting next to her, and, the cutest game, who gets to "be Jaden," in their make believe pretend world. Love it.

Another video that is so entertaining to me...but likely not too interesting to you. She is just so fun to watch grow and change each day!

Today we baked muffins, puree'd some veggies (for mom), and did some art projects. Here are some adorable cards that Taite and Rylie made...with their own fingerprints! (Dragons, lady bugs, caterpillars, and more!)

April 21, 2010

Jaden at 2 months!

She just beams with joy!

April 20, 2010

Scrub a dub dub...

Three monkies in the tub! Camp Cousin has returned for another round of fun this week! We are soooooooooooooo grateful for Uncle Lucas' help in the basement...and just love time with Taite and Colin. We did lots today...and ended it with a bath!

April 19, 2010

Opening Day!

The weather has been warmer these past few days...warm enough for our pool to open!!!! Rylie enjoyed herself in her new giraffe pool...once the ice-cold water from the garden hose got warmed up by the sun, that is!

P.S. Jaden is 2 months old today and doing great! You will see her snoozing in the background of the 2 videos. What a sweetie she is. She is smiling lots, a little giggle now and then, and less and less like a newborn. She has a lot more alert and interactive times each day as she kicks and wiggles away. SO FUN to get to know our little J-bug!

April 15, 2010

Fun House

The Waymire's have every toy a child could ever want. Each time we have gone there, Rylie cries when we have to leave...(and right when we get to our home, she asks to take a nap!) Here are a few shots of the outdoor toys...a real John Dear tractor for kids to drive...and a trampoline!!! Oh the fun. We cannot wait until next time! These two pics are of Rylie and her friend Lucy...who were also over to play with Karis and Isaac.

"A Pizza Party"

All day Rylie was saying, "We are having a pizza party in the mountains tonight!" This was true. We headed up as a family, to Idaho Springs to meet dear old friends of mine, at Beaujo's. Tina, Aaron and there two lovely girls were in town in Breck...so we made sure that our paths crossed. The roots and history run DEEP between Tina and I, and to think this was the first time our families joined forces!? When we left, I felt like I could have stayed and visited for hours.

Tina (and family), thank you so much for making the time and contacting us. I left, wanting so much more time with you guys...truly. Where has the time gone? You are such a dear friend, and it was so evident to me why you have been such a special part of my life. You truly are a special and unique friend of mine. You hold such a specific place in my heart. Come and visit ANY TIME. I would love it!

April 12, 2010

Basement or Bust!

One month into our wonderful home, and Chad is underway to make it even better! Chad has spent HOURS and HOURS finishing our HUGE basement. It will be a few months before it is completed, but every day it is that much closer to being done!

Here is a video of what Chad has been up to this past week...WOW, what a great job he is doing. Isn't he incredible? So skilled. Blessed am I by him in so many ways.

When the basement is through, it will be a 1000 foot space that includes:
1. Large TV room/kid rec area
2. Bedroom
3. Full bath
4. Mini kitchen/wet bar
5. Large storage space
6. Small work-out area

We can hardly wait to use this space for family...and especially to host our loved ones!!!

April 08, 2010

Camp Cousin

What do you get when you combine:
3 days
1 x 4 year old
3 x 2 year olds
and 1 x newborn?

Camp Cousin!

Chad has taken on the project to design and build out our 1000 square foot basement. What a handy husband I have!!!! Uncle Lucas is pitching in big time to help him out this week as the hammers, drills, and saws work away. Lucas brings the kids, Taite and Colin, and Cyndi dropped by Mariah this AM. I have the joy of hosting, what I call, "Camp Cousin." The days are full and action-packed, with parks, playdough, dress-up, movies, bikes, bubbles and more.


More of baby Cousin

And more of the littlest camper

April 05, 2010


The smiles have arrived!!!! How fun it is to see little Jade smile away. Oh it just melts our hearts. She has smiled a bit over the past few weeks...but likely it was due to...gas. BUT, starting last week and escalating more and more...we are bringing on the smiles! Here she is...6 weeks, our joyful Jaden:

We pulled out the bumbo chair last night for the first time. You could tell it was a new way for her to look at life! She did great. She is so strong!