January 30, 2011

CindaRYLIE's 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Rylie's 3rd birthday this weekend...a Princess Party no less. 10 kids and 10 adults running all about our pink castle house. It was SO much fun. We played lots of games:
- Dancing at the Ball
- Mr. Beast What Time is It?
- Musical Terra's
- Kiss the Lips on the Frog
- Decorated fancy glasses
- Pass The Princess Slipper
The kids were hilarious! We also had a small room filled with pink balloons that the kids jumped around in...which Jaden LOVED.

The highlight, after lunch and cake was when the REAL Sleeping Beauty arrived. The kids were AMAZED. Each one got to sit in her lap, have a picture taken, get her autograph and hold her Princess shoe! Becca (former nanny) was the PERFECT princess...in character and all. It was such a fun surprise!!!

We cannot believe Rylie is 3. Where has the time gone? Slow down!!! She is VERY energetic, uninhibited, welcoming, and totally gets energized by people. The more the merrier for her! She is often on the run, yet also enjoys playing by herself in her imagination, and reading books. She is full of personality, a great communicator, sweet as can be, and then as stubborn as ever. She is even learning to help out with Jaden which is so cute and appreciated. We feel so blessed to be her parents, and have so much fun with her. We are so proud of the little girl she is becoming (some days more than others!!!)

Here are A LOT more pics from the party...(especially for you Nana and Papa!)

We love you Rylie-Lou!!!

Jaden at 11 months!

Little Jaden is almost one year old!! Oh she has grown up so fast.

She has an infectous laugh...

And just started to walk (which we still need to vidceo). Here is a clip of a week or two ago while learning...

We love Rachael who lives with us. We wish she could just stay with us for the long haul. A perfect fit in deed. For the amount of time she is with our family, we do not have many pictures! Here is one of her making cookies with Rylie.

Twister is one of Rylie's favorite games, as she often asks for it when friends and cousins come over. Here is one afternoon she and J were playing.

Make-up Madness

Earlier this month, after we put Rylie to bed...we heard a bit of running around upstairs. Chad went up and found Rylie in our room, after having gotten into my make-up bag. He had her come downstairs to appologies, and this is what her face looked like:

Can you see the tears...she knew she had done something wrong. We had a friend over that night, and we could not contact ourselves from laughing. Yes, that is mascara on her forhead, lips, cheeks, etc. We went upstairs and there was also mascara on our fur bed spread and carpet. Oh my goodness. Fortunately it all came out after stain treatment and scrubbing!

When I asked her about the incident, her reply was, "I just wanted to be like mommy!" She said this several times while crying. Oh so cute.