June 26, 2010

Happy 4 Months J-bug!!!

She is just so smiley and giggly...

(She also has a VERY strong cry...joy...and has the endurance to keep it up! Ha!)

June 21, 2010

Our little mower...

Chad just bought a much needed lawn mower...and Rylie REALLY wants to help. Luckily our neighbors have one just her size! I hope she continues to enjoy mowing...when she can really do it! She is very interested in it for now!!!


We did a super fun science project today. We made Ooyie-Gooyie-Goop! (Cornstarch and water make an INCREDIBLE consistency. I have never felt anything like it before. It is gooy, solid, flaky...all at once!) Rylie played in it for an hour and a half...and by the end was covered from head to toe. I totally recommend this one...but do it outside!

Happy Father's Day!

"What do you want to do on Father's Day dad?"
"Go fish."

So we headed to the mountains with the other Fletes. The two dad's fished, and the two mom's and three daughters walked the lake and hit the playgrounds along the way. It was a great trip!

Here is Chad's father's day gift...a porch swing!!! WE LOVE IT, and have sat on it ever day multiple times. It is the best at night!!! (This is Rylie with our neighbor, Josh...)

He's 90!!

We celebrated another milestone birthday...this time it was Chad's grandpa who turned 90! We gathered all of the family together in Colorado Springs for the day. What a legacy, what a life, what a wonderful grandpa...and great grandpa!

June 17, 2010


We introduced Jaden to her first bouncy chair...she is nearly 4 months old!!!!! She is growing so fast. Oh, she is just a sweety.

This morning when Jaden was in it, I went around the corner to the kitchen for a minute...and Rylie was spinning Jaden around and around. "Look mommy, I make Jaden busy (aka dizzy)!" Oh boy. "Jaden is not the toy Rylie..."

Happy Birthday Nana!!!!

Today is Nana Dub's birthday! Because we could not be there in person, we had a little birthday party for her on our own.

I tried to have Rylie sing on a video for you Nana...but she would only rise to the occasion on the phone message to you! Here is our attempt though:

June 06, 2010

95 Years!!!!!

We celebrated Grandma Lola's 95th birthday this weekend!!! It was a beautiful time with the whole family and a bunch of her sweet friends, out in Yuma, Co. She is such a testimony to God's amazing creation. Words that describe her are: wise, soft-spoken, sweet, loving, abounding in grace, gentle, humble, Godly, thoughtful, kind...and the list goes on. We named Jaden Lola after her...and our prayer is that she may be like her Great Grandma some day!

A few video's...

Car Wash - a family affair


June 02, 2010


We started potty training Rylie. It has been hilarious. She is 2 years and 4 months...but needs to be trained by August so to start preschool. Let the fun begin!

We had two days of learning and having lots of accidents. A few memorable moments:
1. Rylie peeing in her pants on the floor...and then running to tell us that she had an accident. There were pee footprints all the way to us! Ha! (This happened 2 times in one day...)
2. Rylie had her first poop accident. It fell out of her underwear, hit the front of the toilet and plopped onto the floor. At the sight and smell of it, she immediately began to throw-up multiple times...into the toilet. At least that got into the toilet!
3. When attempting to "go" on the potty, and could not...she would exclaim, "It's stuck! It's stuck!" Ha!

Needless to say, after day 2 we thought we had a LONG way to go. We had NO successes after day 2.


Day 3 and Day 4, she got it. We have had really no accidents and she is hitting the mark!!!! We are so proud of Rylie. She is doing great!

When she sits on the toilet...she puts her hand up to her ear and says, "Listen." I guess she likes the sound of her pee hitting her froggy potty, and thinks we do to. And she is right! Ha!

Anywho...good-bye diapers!!!!!!!!!!!