July 30, 2011

Willow Brynn Fletemeyer

It is with sheer joy and delight that we introduce to you, Willow Brynn Fletemeyer. She is a beauty and our family is blessed!!!!!

She was born on Wednesday, July 27th, at 7:38am, weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long. She came out crying (the most wonderful sound!!!!!!) and has been mellow ever since.

A few highlights from the hospital scene...
- Rylie is FULL of questions, and one that stands out to us...as she stares at my catheter she asks, "mom how does your butt get in that tube?"
- Jaden kissing Willow over and over again...more than anyone yet!
- The parade from the recovery room to my hospital room...me on a bed, Granne and Jaden walking hand in hand, Chad pushing little Willow in a cart with Rylie holding on tightly.
- A birthday party in the hospital room...singing, exchanging gifts...so cute.

The girls have done great with her. Jaden is so excited, pointing, giggling, kissing her over and over again, saying "baby" and "Wi-wo". She even tried to do, "This little piggy" with Willow's toes. It is adorable.
Rylie is trying to be so helpful...always wanting to hold her, rock her, and can't wait to feed her a bottle.
Chad is the super dad, as he runs the house right now single-handedly, while I mend from delivery and tend to our little babe.
Granne has been a HUGE help all week watching our girls morning to night. It is always a highlight for them to spend time with Granne!

Her Name...
Willow means: a tree by water; flexible, graceful, free-spirited, willing to try.
Brynn means: hill
Our prayer is from Psalm 1:2 & 3 - That her delight will be in the law of the Lord and on His law she will meditate day and night. That she be like a tree plnted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever she does prospers."

My delivery story...
In a nutshell, I got to experience more than 24 hours of labor, followed by a C-section! Wilow was positioned in such a way inside me, that though the contractions were strong a consistent for a LONG TIME, there was little progression made after a certain point. This lead our medical team to advise surgery. It all went smoothly from there, and out came our "weeping Willow"...this was my prayer leading up to delivery, that she would come out crying! Yeah!!!! I stayed in the hospital for two nights and am now recovering at home. It is bliss to have the five of us together...full and crazy...but sooooo good!

Thank you for your love and prayers. Let the fun begin...or shall we say continue!

July 24, 2011

Around the home...

A Special Gift from the Sisters

I took the girls to "Build-a-Bear" this weekend so they could create a special hand-made gift to give to their little sister in the making. They chose a soft doggy. We put three red hearts inside it (for three sisters), and will record their voices on a sound bite, to be placed inside. After stuffing the dog, giving it a bath, creating a birth certificate, coloring a dog house...all we need to do is meet her!! The anticipation is building in deed!!! Oh what fun!!!

As tradition has it at the mall, we hit the Disney store for a little fun as well. We love Pooh!

Sprinkler fun


R & J ate so many frozen blueberries today, I wondered if there could be some kind of negative side affects (aside from the stained face, clothes, tongue and fingers!)

Date Night

Chad and I went out on a date night last night...ah so bliss. We celebrated our growing family, by taking a break to be just the two of us. Here are our "prom" photos. Rylie and J posed too!

July 18, 2011


Jaden has the BEST laugh. This was a great start to our day this morning...

July 17, 2011

Sharing a room...

In preparation for a third sister, the girls have now been sharing a room for a few weeks. It has been great. (I think we were skeptical how it would all work out.) Well needless to say both girls love it...and the past two nights we have discovered this, after we put them down...

It is so adorable that it is hard to make them stop. Alas, they do finally fall asleep!

Love the sisterhood forming!

Our first family fishing trip...

Rylie has been asking to go fishing...and wanted a fishing pole that was not a stick, and hoped that she could have one that would go really far out into the water. So, we bought a $25 pole with some tackle, and headed for the hills to a beautiful little lake. The girls had an ABOLUTLEY LOVELY time...even though the pole broke after two casts (we retruned it...). Fortunately, we saw someone else catch a rainbow trout...which Rylie was so delighted that a fish could be called a "rainbow." "I want to catch a rainbow too!" she squealed.

It really did not phase them one bit that they only got two casts...because the tree climbing, goose chasing, and running in the water might have upstaged the fishing experience afterall! What a SUPER FUN time.

Ready to POP!

We had to take at least one pregnancy shot for the record. Here #3 comes...2.5 weeks away...or sooner!!!! We cannot wait!!!!