January 24, 2010

Our bug song...

This summer we found a catapillar at Taite's house and named it Lazy. Rylie loved to hold Lazy, and still goes out and looks for her in our yard. This is a song that we made up, and sing all the time on our walks. It is to the tune, "A Bicycle Built for Two.) The lyrics are written below...

Lazy, Lazy, oh how I love you so,
I'm half crazy, whatching you inch and grow.
Your skin is so soft and furry,
I'll hold you in a hurry.
You look grand, upon the sand,
But especially in my hand!

January 17, 2010

Tea Party

Rylie really enjoys toys that are stereo-typically boy toys...trains, trucks, cars, planes, etc. It is so fun and we love that. For her second birthday we asked for a few more "girly toys." Nana Dub introuced her to "Tea Parties" with a new tea-party set...and it is a HIT! The first time she played with it, Nana and she played for 2 hours! It is so cute. Here we are, the three of us (plus one stuffed animal) enjoying tea-time. I love having a girl!!!!


Nana Dub came to town for the birthday party, and gave us a date night for our 4th Anniversary!!! Yeah. What a gift, what a gift, what a gift!!!

We did a first while she was here...Rylie ate her first ice-cream cone...the entire thing. Strawberry was the flavor of choice!

Happy Birthday Rylie!

We celebrate your life Rylie...what a joy it is to be your parents! Thank you to all the family and friends for all the love you pour out to our little girl. You are each a priceless gift!

The party theme was "Go UP with Rylie!" It was all about balloons, balloons, and more balloons! Here is a great poster that Chad created, with each of the kids faces on a balloon. Way to go dad!

This is Rylie hugging her buddy Connor. Right after she hugged him (3x) she grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips. Hilariouos. Needless to say, sweet Conner walk away grinning with bright red cheeks!

We brought out a parachute in the middle of the party (which was one of my favorite games as a child), and it was a hit...balloons flying everywhere, kids squeeling...

January 08, 2010

Tostitos 'Salute The Troops' Bowl Highlights

Here is what Kaitlin, our dear nanny got to be a part of over New Years. She is one of hte cheerleaders cheering the troops on in Iraq. We are so nproud of you Kaitlin. Thank you for the love you constantly pour out to everyone..including our troops overseas!!!