December 27, 2008

A Snowshoe Interview

Rylie had a few remarks about the snowshoeing adventure on the drive home...


The day after Christmas we headed up to the The Rocky Mountains with Ryan and Erin (Chad's bro and sis in law)...and Rylie, to our favorite snowshoe spot: Bear Lake. It was beautiful!!! My family gifted us with the best kid carrier around...and it was IDEAL. Rylie was a champ (even took a nap in the middle of it all), as this was her first winter weather hiking expedition. We can't wait to hit the snow again as a family! (Thank you mom, dad, B, Cindy, and you have to come out to hike with us!!!!)

Christmas at the Fletes!

Babies make it so much more fun!!! Here are a few shots with the whole great to be all together all day. To make sense of the pictures...

1. Granne & Gramps gave all the kids personal pillow seats (perfect gift)
2. Rylie gave Taite the microhone barbie outfit...
3. This was an extra special Christmas because Grandpa Flete was visiting from Col. Springs!
4. All the babies were breaking teeth, so sharing germs all Rylie has the sniffles!
5. Ryan and Erin were in from DC too...we are complete with them!!!

It was a three ring circus...but very entertaining to say the least!

Our First Christmas of Three!

What a super fun morning we had celebrating Christmas! Rylie LOVES her frosty stocking, and mom and dad and the rest of the family loved showering her with love and gifts. However, the crinkly wrapping paper was the biggest hit of all! Ha! Her toy box was her big gift from us...we restored it from when I had it as a little girl! Fun to see it used again!

Christmas morning

Here we are greeting Rylie on Christmas morning...what a cutie...what a great day of celebrating!

December 21, 2008

Rylie's first steps!

As soon as Rylie could crawl, she was attempting stairs. And now, having learned to stand on her own two weeks ago, she is wasting no time in trying to walk!

December 19, 2008

The party girl...

Here is Rylie in her special Christmas dress!

Here is Rylie with grandma Flete!

Tampa with the Coys

After Orlando, we drove to Tampa to meet our friends, the Coys. Casey and Susan have a daughter, Shelby, who is exactly one year older than Rylie. It was a fun weekend playing.

We went to the Tampa Bay Aquarium (because we needed one more "theme park" to round out the week...) This is where Susan (veternarian) and Casey (head Scuba Dive Master) work. We had a great time!

A Christmas is not complete without a few scuba diving elves, right!?

We visited a Manatee sanctuary...where over 100 were hanging out. We saw shark and rays here too. So cool!

Animal Kingdom

We got to this park only two hours before it closed. So we hit a Lion King show, and then a parade!

I think Rylie would have liked Iggy!

Universal Studios', Macy's Day Parade