November 29, 2010


This is Jaden's first snowbox...a hit! All she wanted to do was eat eat she did!

The local reindeer pony

We went "hunting" for our tree last night at least that what Rylie called it. And our favorite lot, 2 miles away has miniature ponies to ride through the trees! Love it.

Jingle Jaden

Discovering a jingle bell for the first time...facinating!

Thanksgiving Week

What a great week with you, family. Thank you so much for making the trek to Colorado. It was a historical memory that the four of us will Cherish for YEARS. It says a lot, that after a full week together, we are already looking forward to you all returning. Thank you for all you did, who you are, and what you gave to our family. We are sooooooooooooo thankful for you.

I wish these pictures had sound affects! Lots of "fun" noise!!!!

My cousins, the Crows, from California were here for a few days. We had soooooooooo much fun with them too!! We shared a few meals together, played the infamous bowl game one night, went swimming at the St Julianne Hotel in Boulder, and went on a campus tour of CU. What a dear family you are to us...a huge blessing!!!

November 03, 2010

The Pumkin Carving!

Chad took Rylie on a date to carve pumpkins. It was Daddy Pumpkin Carving Night at Preschool. It was a double date with Uncle Lucas and Taite! Here is there incredible creation...a dragon!

BIking to the park...

It has been a BEAUTIFUL Fall, with NO SNOW yet. Yeah!!! We took the girls on a bike ride to an awesome park for a picnic. This was Jaden's first time in the bike carrier. She is very obvious when she likes something...hence the smiles. (And obvious when she does not like the ride back!)