November 15, 2011


There are not enough words to say about our Granne. She watches the girls every week...all three. It seems because she is such a regular in our life, that we do not capture enough shots with her and the girls. So, here is one, with her and her newest little Willow. We love you Granne!

Family Ho Down!

Our friend, Mason got married this weekend and had a super fun Ho Down reception. The whole family was we rallied into our Western Get-Up, and enjoyed dancing and eating the night away. Rylie and Jaden were favorites on the dance floor. They loved to dance!!!!

Willow B

The aunties...

My best girl friends from college came out for a visit last weekend. It was so wonderful to connect, vacation in my own hometown, introduce them to our home and new babes, and just BE TOGETHER. It was nonstop talk...and such a tease as our time flew by too fast. Thank you dear friends for leaving your families and taking time to love on me and mine!!!!! It meant the WORLD TO ME. I LOVE YOU DEARLY.

November 01, 2011

Nanna Time!

We hit the CU homecoming parade in Boulder, the pumpkin patch, the Carousel of Happiness in Ned (a favorite), and just played away!

Nanna came and spoiled us once again!

Our first snowfall!

It snowed nearly a foot last week...and it was a lovely sight! Frosty the snowman even made an appearance!

Happy Halloween!

What did we ever do before kids, to celebrate Halloween? It is so much fun to see them get so excited to dress up and head out for treats. Lexie and Alex came and decorated the girls faces...THANK YOU!!! We had a few friends over to share in the fun as well. What a memory.

Flete Faces