June 25, 2009

The Sign of Summer: POPSICLE

Rylie enjoyed her first popsicle tonight...and it will be the first of many!

June 23, 2009

Pool Play...

Here we have a beautiful new pool right across the street from us...BUT, what the kids like more than anything is the plastic blow-up pool...one they can run around and in and out of. Love it.

We went to the Potter pool yesterday, and had all of the Colorado cousins present...it was wonderful!

We still go to our big pool as much as possible though!

June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

For Father's Day...we spent an extended weekend away! Some dear friends of ours gave us their condo in the BEAUTIFUL mountain town of Frisco. It might has well been Mother's Day weekend, too, because we all had a BLAST. We brought up a bunch of toys so we could play, play, play!

The location could not have been better. There was so much to do, right out our front door. Here is a picture of us walking into town one morning for breakfast. Chad and Rylie holding hands...this might be my favorite shot from the weekend.

Chad fished every day, and certainly got some fish on the board. Happy Dad!

We went for a hike the first day...that ended up being a four hour adventure, in and out of snow, up a vast valley, in and out of rivers, and to two frozen lakes called Wheeler lakes. Though it was longer than we had planned, and though we had hoped to fish the lakes at the top...it was so, so beautiful and worth every 7 miles! Rylie is such a trooper! She just chirped along with glee. She just loves being on the move! And Chad is a trooper too, as he carried Rylie the entire time!

We also went for two great bike rides...
One, was a three hour tour to Breckenridge and back, with a stop at Starbucks - Rylie's first visit. It was windy, up hill, hi-altitude, and wouldn't you know it, my bike is the one that Rylie's tow fits on...so mom got the extra work-out on this day. It was a great time however for sure!

The second ride has got to be one of the more beautiful bike rides I have been on. We went around Lake Dillon...which is surrounded by AMAZING mountains, trees, and has lots of sail boats and kayakers floating around. It was heaven.

We also hit the hugest BBQ festival in the country I think...which was two day event, which we hit for an hour or so. I have never seen so many BBQ'g company's in my life. 100's! The highlight was certainly the pig races!

Of course we found the local parks...one of which had to have had the coolest toys EVER! Mom and dad even had to give them a try. Too, this was Rylie's first turn on the big girl swing...big girl!

And, our condo was on the river, which happened to also be home to the worlds tallest Dandilions (at least according to our records!)

Of course we had lots of time relaxing, reading, playing Yatzee (I beat Chad 5-2), hanging out in the hot tub, etc.

Thank you Katy and Tim for giving us such a fun filled Father's Day Weekend!! We loved every minute of it!!!

June 14, 2009

Saturday fun...

We went for a day trip to Estes Park yesterday, with the other Fletes! Chad and his brother Luke fished...while Cyndi, the girls, and myself walked the lake and played at the play ground. It was a beautiful day outside. It is so fun to see Mariah and Rylie play together...they really like eachother.

Of course once we reconnected up with the dad's Rylie wanted to walk along the river, play with sticks.

Then Rylie rolled into the river to go get dad. Splash! (That was not planned!) The cold water shocked her at first...and then she just went along soaking wet, as if she just got out of the pool! Unbelievable this little girl. Man do we love her.

What a day of fun...