January 28, 2008

Kicking it in a recliner...

We wanted to update you on the latest with Baby Flete.

We had a Dr's appointment last Tuesday, where we got to see her positioning. So fun to see her so close to meeting her!! She was just as we thought...head up, butt down, and her legs kicked up towards her head. Baby Flete is taking after her dad already...kicking it back as if she were in a lazy boy! She is making herself all cozy in her little womb recliner! (Except she sure does wiggle a lot to be just sitting there!) She has a "full-term-sized" head, and all things look healthy and good.

The big news is that we know her birthday!!!! Because she is breached (not heads down), has "dropped" a bit already, and is on the bigger side, the possibility of turning her from the outside is not the best option. Thus, with the Dr's wise counsel we are scheduled for a C-section on February 8th, at 7:30am at Avista Medical Center! Though Chad and I really wanted to experience a full labor and delivery together, we trust our Creator and know this is the best option for a safe birth for her (and for mom!) Of course there is still the chance that she could flip herself before then, or that she wants to come out earlier...but all signs at this point show her staying put until we go and get her!

So, the count down is on...we are thrilled that we have some answers, especially a date to look forward to. Is it really only 11 days until we become a threesome!? Oh my goodness!!!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and thank you for your care through this big adventure! We love you!
Chad, Jennie and Baby Flete!