August 26, 2009

Rylie to work with mom...

Monday was the first day of classes at the University of Colorado. The Annex passes out 16,000 water bottles/beverages, inviting students to our ministry. It was a great succes to say the least. And, Rylie came to work with me, and helped us spread a little love to the students as well. She was a hit...splashing in the ice troughs, splashing in the puddles, and chatting it up with the passerbys. So fun.

August 21, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Here is one of our more favorite video's of Rylie lately. Here she is playing her first game of Duck, Duck Goose at Taite's birthday party. We were in awe that Rylie sat still. And we were even more impressed when she actually caught onto the game... kinda! As the game was coming to a close, she took matters into her own hands and got up for a surprize run at it. She wsa not ready for it to be done! That's our girl! Always looking for fun!

"Spicy Mamma"

We are not sure where got this one, but Rylie says the phrase, "Spicy Mamma" all the time. It is quite hilarious. It still makes us laugh every time. We captured a bit on film...and you may also realize she has a lot of energy. At least we have an idea where she got that from! From her Spicy Mamma! Ha!

Jordan and Lara's wedding...

We have had the joy of going to a few wedding this month, of former Annex staff members. The most recent one we went to was Jordan and Lara. We were espcially excited for this one, because Rylie would see her nanny from last year, Marqui. Infact, we had to take Rylie to the cry room in the ceremony, because as soon as Marqui was up front, Rylie would not stop pointing and saying "Da-Qui, Da-Qui" which is her version of Marqui. It was so fun to see them reconnect after a summer away. We love you Marqui and you will always hold a special place in our family!

Too the reception was at the beautiful Hudson of course dad could not miss a chance to capture a few shots of his little girl!

Taite's 4 Year Old Birthday

Cousin Taite turned 4 and a party was thrown. Heidi and Lucas planned an action packed, non stop Dora Birthday Party celebration:
1. Tatoos (Rylie's first!), of which she was not that into,
2. Duck, Duck Goose (Rylie's first) - which we could not believe she remained seated and caught on...kinda, (see the video in the other blog, it is hilarious!)
3. A pinyata (Rylie's first),
4. Cake (Rylie's first), as she did not touch her 1 year old birthday cake...but certainly gobbled up every bite of this one!
Rylie had fun playing with all the big kids. Thank you for such a fun party. We cannot wait until next year! Happy Birthday Taite!

More of the yellow boat!

So we decided to take a ball with out out on the boat, so to play a little catch and to have something to chase after. It was a hit...BUT now Rylie seems to think it is fun to throw things around the house, and then yell, "Go get it," as she runs after it with such pride. Alas...

The Yellow Boat

Rylie has been pointing and asking to go out on the "boat" for a few weeks now, and we finally made it happen. Here we are, paddling around playing catch in the lake in our neighborhood. She most certainly could have stayed out for hours! Good times.

August 13, 2009

Corn on the Cob!

What is summer with out the fresh corn of Colordo!? Here is Rylie taking a stab at an ear of corn!

A Reason to Celebrate!!!

This past weekend we celebrated a huge milestone in the Fletemeyer family. Chad's parents, Jim and Anne reached their 40th Wedding Anniversary, which meant we had a chance to love on them! It was such a special night for all of us, as we got to surprize them and honor them for hours on end. A few highlights were:
1. Upon sitting down for a nice dinner at The Kitchen, Ryan and Erin came walking in, after flying in from DC for a surprize visit! So great!!!
2. After a delicious dinner, we all headed back to the Potter's home for champaign and dessert on the deck. It was a BEAUTIFUL time spent toasting, sharing memories, and giving them a scrapbook full of letters and pictures from dear friends and family. Boy are they loved!
3. We then played a rousing game of Family Fued, which had all of the categories surrounding their life, family, and love. Lots of laughing and poking fun for sure.

What a sweet time, what a sweet family, what a sweet marriage! We love you guys!!!!

Off to the (Stick) Races!

What a GIFT to have Nana Dub here for nine play with Rylie, while Mom and Dad worked away. She called it her "Rylie Vacation." It was so wonderful to see Rylie and she bond closer and closer, as they enjoyed parks, walks, the pool, and so much more. We have been praying for a special bond for Rylie and my famly who lives in Washington...and we think the prayers are being answered!!!

One of our final nights together, we all headed to the Boulder County Fair. The reason we like to go, is for the Rodeo! We went last year...and were looking forward to this year, when Rylie could take her turn in the Stick Horse Races!!! The Fair invites all young children out to the horse arena, where they give them FREE stick horses, and conduct a chaotic race. Rylie was in the 2 and under division...of which I think she was the youngest contestant. Needless to say, SHE LOVED IT, and after she reached the finish line and got her ribbon, she kept on saying "more, more." At one point in the race (which is video'd below) the Rodeo Fair Queen, came and helped Rylie cross the finish line. Her first encounter with a celebrity...kinda! :)

The Fishermen...

Chad and three of his buddies have look forward to, and planned this week long fly fishing trip in Wyoming, in a place called, "The Winds." Not just anyone can do this adventure. It was much more than bobber fishing! After the training hikes before the trip, and the massive tie flying in our front room, it was time for them to head off!

The four of them hiked over 40 miles, with 40 pound packs, in high altitude conditions, over a week long stretch. They caught LOTS of fish, and saw incredible vistas, lakes, and valleys all around. In fact, they were so far "away" that cell-phones were of no use. The weather was beautiful, the masquitoes for plentiful...and I believe many aspects of this trip were a taste of heaven for these four. I am sure another trip is in the making. We are so glad they got home safe and sound...and had a great time!