April 29, 2008

Do you know? The Ping Pong Song

I started back to work today...and as hard as it is to be away from little Ryl's...I love my job!!! Here is a little taste of the good times we have at The Annex. This is one of the video's made for one of the Tuesday nights, when I was out on maternity leave. If you love Chipotle (or even if you do not) this is a fun one to watch! I am so impressed with our staff...I am going to miss them indeed!

April 23, 2008

Hanging with the girls...

What a treat it was to have my best college friends fly in to town, to meet little miss Rylie! She was smothered with love, laughter, hugs and pictures all weekend long! In fact, this group picture was taken within the first few minutes of their arrival...the excitement of the 5 of us being together had to be captured immediately!

They certainly experienced the wonderful Colorado Spring weather, which merited a picnic in Wash Park! (Julie, this is the picnic back-pack you gave us for our wedding! Perfect!)

We went up to Estes Park for the day and spent time at the Stanley Hotel.

Another playmate for little Ryl's is on her way, as Dana is pregnant due in June!!

We then headed into the Rocky Mountain National Park for a little hike to a waterfall. BEAUTIFUL!

There was lots of smiles from Rylie as all of her aunties smothered her with attention.

We had ladies night out without Rylie, as well...thanks to dad babysitting for us. (Amy is taking the picture...)

Such sweet memories. What a joy to have such dear, long lasting, committed friends! Thank you for coming out to visit, Auntie Wass, Amy, and Court!

April 10, 2008

All Ryled up!

Sometimes Rylie gets so 'ryled' up, that she cannot contain herself...

April 03, 2008

Rylie's first hike...

This past week was a big week of firsts for Rylie!

We took her for her first hike, on a trail in Boulder. Though it was a short jont due to the high speed winds...it was a fun first as a family!

Rylie also had her first rollerblading outing this past week...she snored away in her stroller as mom pushed, and glided along the trail! So fun. Rylie is such a fun companion to have around to play with.

April 01, 2008

The stats...

Rylie had her two month check-up today...which meant shots, shots, and more shots. She took them like a champ though! A few yelps, and she was over it, with two huge bandaids on each thigh.

We also were looking forward to this appointment because we would find out her stats. Is she tall or short? Has she gained enough weight? Well, to our joy and surprise, not only is she 10 pounds 7 ounces which places her in the 40% in weight, she is 22 3/4 inches tall, which places her in the the 70% for height! Ha! She's TALL...for now!

The other good (or shall we say GREAT) news is that Rylie is sleeping through the night...for now! We are so pleased that she is a good sleeper thus far. Ahhh, what a gift!