December 10, 2011



We started the day with reindeer pancakes (with "snow") and ended the day with a horse drawn carriage ride. Tis the season of fun, fun, fun!

Santa Baby

With this being Willow's first Christmas, she is our little Santa baby.

Rylie noticed that Willow did not have a stocking yet, and went and found a little one from the tree, pulled over the stool and hung it with the rest of our stockings. This was all her own idea. Good big sister.

Hiking in the Rockies

This was a wonderful day as a family...hiking together. Rylie hiked the entire trail in her tutu...and J and Willow had the free ride. It was great to be outside together.

December 03, 2011

birthday, movie night, and my little cooks!

Gingerbread house

The candy: One for for the house...

Trimming the tree...

Both girls got into the decrating this year...

Getting our Tree!

We had the best time getting our tree!!! We go to our local tree farm, where you not only get a tree...but smores and a ride on a mini-horse, named Susie! The girls LOVED IT.

December 01, 2011

We are family!!!!

This is the first year we actually tried to do "planned" Christmas photos...primarily because we have a new addition and did not have options throughout the year to select from, as we were not a family of 5 yet! Needless to say the photo shoot was quite the adventure. After taking MANY shots, here are a few of our favorite! Thank you to Granne, Alex and Lexi who helped us out A LOT!