April 14, 2009

Rylie is copying our words a lot lately...but the word "gentle" is a bit hard to say...and even a bit harder to understand! Ha!

Too, when running in the mornings with Rylie, I give her two rocks to pound together as she sits in the stroller. I think this is what she thinks she is supposed to do with the eggs. Good thing they were hard boiled!

Here is a video link to see what I am talking about!

Happy Easter!

Of course Easter morning, started with an Easter Egg Hunt and a little Easter basket at home! (Yes this was Rylie's third one!)

Easter brunch...

After church we gathered as a family at Granne and Gramps home for some food, an egg hunt, more food, golf, more food and of course lots of photos!

Here is the cousin photo from last year, 2008:

Here they are one year later, 2009...same couch, a bit more awake, and little Mariah still was not happy about the situation. They are catching up to big cousin Taite! So cute!

The Egg Hunt...and Easter basket goodies!!!

Playing around with cousin Colin...who is walking now!!!!

Good times...

Decorating the Eggs!

Even though none of us really like hard -boiled eggs...we had a lot of fun making them and decorating them! Once the eggs were all done...Rylie put them in a bowl, and carried them all over the place, I think she was proud of her creations! (Notice the clothes progression...Rylie likes to play in water!)

April 10, 2009

Cousin Mariah...

Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Luke, and cousin Mariah, needed some Easter photo's taken so we grabbed our camera and headed out for a little family photo shoot. Here is the family and little Miss Mariah. Ain't she sweet!?

Here are a few of Rylie playing along the way...she was not dressed in her Easter best for this! However, she sure enjoyed being in the rugged outdoors, playing with rocks, branches, and sticks. One of these shots is Rylie hugging Mariah...of which they both ended up toppling over...pretty cute! One of these is Rylie joining in on a running group that came by...she just hopped on in...but could not keep up! Ha! Boy did she have fun!

Thank you Easter Bunny!

Thank you Easter Bunny...Na-na and Pa-pa Dub! Rylie is ready for Spring...and loves ladybugs. Can you tell she was enjoying this dress? We love you and wish we could be with you on Sunday!