September 26, 2008

Give us a GPS.

Rylie had her first short crawl this past weekend when my (Jennie's) parents were in town. What a fun milestone to share. She now, a few days later, is crawling all over. We soon will need a GPS, to locate her in the house! She is so proud of herself.

and more paper!

more paper


Who needs toys?

Here we feel like our house has officially become a jungle gym...and we are quickly learning that rylie is completely entertained with the simple and everyday things around the


September 19, 2008

Rylie laughing...

Who knew that having a towel thrown in your face, over and over and over again was so much fun!? Here is a hilarious little clip of Rylie laughing it up.

September 10, 2008

In her tuperware tiara...

Oh, the simple pleasures! Rylie got introduced to tupperware, and she loves clanging, pounding, and tossing them around...

Our newest toy...

Chad brought home this fun new family toy...a bike trailer! The three of us have gone out each weekend since we got it. It is a blast.

Her first game!

It is so fun to live in a college town!!! We went to the first home football game of the school year...against Easter Washington...and WE WON! Go CU!

All smiles...

Rylie took her nap, sleeping through all the cheers and touchdowns! That's our girl!