January 26, 2009


So, Rylie has been officially walking for over a month now...and perhaps that is why we have not posted in a while...we are just chasing her around the house! Because our condo is a bit small (she does laps around the kitchen island, up and down the stairs, in and out of her room, and around our coffee table) we have been taking her out to Home Depot, the mall, Costco, etc, where she has HUGE spaces to walk around. She also prefers pushing her stroller now...which is quite histerical to see from one side...this stroller moving all on it's own...and then once it passes by, you see who the little motor is. She is the little engine that CAN! She is so determined it is adorable. I will post a video soon of her trucking around...

Da-da's shoes

Here is Rylie playing with Da-da's kicks!

Words, words, and more words!!!

It is so much fun to hear Rylie develope her little vocab. She is constantly babbling and singing, and it is so, so cute! She has learned a few signs (more, all done, and bye-bye), and is expanding her verbal vocabulary daily as she tries to sound like us.

Some of her spoken words:
"dada" - Daddy
"mama" - Mommy
"bye-bye", as she waves to others and herself, this is her favorite word!!!
"na, na, na" - snack, snack, snack
"nana" - banana
"back-back" - backwards
"no" - no (she has only said this one one time so far...)

and her latest word a week ago, while we were blowing bubbles in the bubble bath:
"bubo" - bubble

And here she is, in her "bubo" bath!