October 24, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

We went on a spontaneous "Hi Ho" adventure today, hiking around a beautiful lake. While dad fished, the girls and I explored. We found two TP's (looks like the boyscouts were there before us), we drew pictures on the shore, went fishing (with sticks), threw rocks at logs in the water, and just had a super fun time in the great outdoors.

The Great Fairy Rescue!

Each night we put out our fairy house (we made it a few weeks ago from stuff around the house), in hopes to catch some fast flying fairies. Each night we put it in a new location in the house...and each morning we go and check inside to see who might have visited us in the night. We have caught two so far...a garden fairy named Rosetta, and a water fairy named Silvermist. We have made up songs for each of them. Who will we catch tomorrow morning?!

Here is this AM, discovering our second fairy rescue...Silvermist.

October 22, 2010

On stage...

We brought Rylie to the Annex on Tuesday night...and brought her up on stage. She was so excited all week to sing the CU fight song, on stage, into a big microphone. She was ready to roll. However, she got a little stage fright, when we asked her to sing it. (Wouldn't you in front of hundreds of students!?) We did show a video of her singing it when she was a almost two. The students loved it. And sang the CU song to her.

On the drive home, Rylie in response to being a bit scared to sing on stage, said that "she lost her fight CU voice," but that "her friends had theirs," (the students) and that her "voice was in the trees." Adorable.

She told me today that she wanted to try again sometime. Ha.

Just fun...

Austin's 4th birthday party

We went to Austin's 4 year old birthdy party last weekend...who lives in the nieghborhood. It was an AWESOME party...car themed. Tiffany made a race track in her backyard with a tire changing station, body shop, and a gas staion. Sooooo fun!!!!

Thursday nights in our home...

Every Thursday night we have 14 Sophomores descend on our home from 8-10:30pm. Chad leads the guys in a Bible study, and I do the same with the ladies in the basement. Very quickly, these students have taken root in a special part of our hearts. We love the relationships that are bulding.

This week we invited them all over a bit earlier in the evening for a bread bowl soup dinner. It was wonderful and full of energy and good cheer.

Rylie thrives off all of the activity, and needless to say was in the heart of the action all dinner long. Jaden on the other hand...they have never met, because she is in bed before they come over! Ha.

October 06, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Time!!!!

We have been to the pumpkin patch four times already. They just opened a week ago! We went after church on Sunday, and brought our camera...and of course took way too many photos. There was just so much to do and capture...corn mazes, hay rides, farm animals, pumpkins, wagons...endless fun!!! This patch is a few miles down the road from our house...on our way home each day! I think this was one of the happiest days of Jaden's life...SHE WAS BEAMING the whole time.

Happy 3rd Birthday Genevieive!

Our fun neighbor hosted a tea party for her daughter's 3rd birthday. She pulled out all of the stops. How fun to be able to walk to a party in the neighborhood...