November 29, 2009

The Great Escape

She just started to do this last week...and we caught her in the act this afternoon, escaping from a "Time Out."

Deck the Halls

As predicted...when we turned on the Christmas tree lights on Rylie's little tree in her bedroom this morning...she began to sing, "Happy Birthday Lights." Pretty funny.

We did deck the halls this weekend and one of our favorite items is our nativity from Israel. Rylie plays with it like it is a little dollhouse. Here are a few pics of her with baby Jesus...whom she kisses, sings to, and rocks. Adorable. "Happy Birthday Jesus!"

November 27, 2009

The Tree Hunt

We went to THREE different Christmas tree lots looking for one to be open and for one to have the tree that Chad especially likes. (The classic Charlie Brown kind...) Our tree hunt paid off, as we landed upon a beautiful lot at a local farm...that not only had the tree we wanted, but had free rides on miniature ponnies!

Here is Rylie riding Ruby...her first pony ride! She was not into it at first...but once we took one route through the trees she was saying, "I need more." She got to comb them, and play in their pen for a while too. What a fun find!

Wagon time

We went on a post Thanksgiving meal walk and Rylie and Taite got pulled in this wagon for a few miles, enjoying every minute. Rylie copied just about EVERYTHING that Taite, said and did along the way. She looks up to her big cousin a lot already!

28 weeks!!!!

For those of you who have asked me for a photo of baby you go! She is kicking, healthy, and squirming all over the place! What a total joy to be "with child" in the advent season of Christ's birth!

November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Turkey!

When you say "party," Rylie assumes it is a birthday party. So because today, we are going to a Turkey Party at Granne and Gramps,' she chimed in with "Happy Birthday Turkey (and feet, and feathers)"...on a day that is really not even close to commemorating the birth of a Turkey, but perhaps more closely related to their consumption! Ha!

Gobble, Gobble!

November 25, 2009

Just cute

Chad went on a fishing trip last Friday with his buddy Phil. Rylie of course wanted to be right in the action as he was packing...playng with the reels and rods...and putting on dad's fishing hat!


I know thsi is probably not what you expected to see on Rylie's blog...but I had to post this, if nothing else than to show off my husband's skills.

This is what happens when you reach for the cookie jar way up on top of the fridge...the heavy glass lid comes crashing down and smashes your big toe (while knocking out your lip on its way down, too!)

I know this may seem grose to some...and minor to others. But it hurt. Who knew that Chad had experience in drilling holes in toe nails, and then poking the skin underneith to drain out the blood!? What a man I married! Ha!

Turkey Creations

Oh the fun you can have with different Turkey projects! Ha. Here are a few of Rylie and mom's latest art projects:

Rylie enjoys pens and crayons and is an excellent scribbler. Here is our resident turkey...of which Rylie says he has "surf boards" instead of feathers coming off of his back. Ha!

We are celebrating Thanksgiving at Granne and Pappa Fletemeyer's home tomorrow with all of the cousins and aunts and uncles. We are bringing a few dishes (we will take some pics because they are pretty hilarious, too)...but we also are bringing the place cards! Ha.

I think this may be our favorite...because it is so hilarious looking: A fruit and cheese turkey kabob. Why not!

This is not a turkey creation, but it is in season...a little bit of pumpkin bread. Rylie enjoys being in the kitchen doing what mom does! So fun.

November 13, 2009


Rylie is singing up a storm these days...

Here is her rousing rendition of the ABC's

November 11, 2009

The Grand Prize!!!

So, Rylie scibbled on a picture in the paper, of a pumpkin...which was her submission to the local pumpkin coloring contest in Boulder. We got a free pumpkin out of the deal...which everyone got for entering the contest.

Well, low and behold, we got a phone call, and she won the grand prize for her masterpiece! Ha! I think the fact that she tore it up, and we taped it back together, must have captured the judges' hearts! There were 5 other submissions in the 1 year old age she beat out the steep competition! Ha!

We just redeemed her prizes: a trip to the store's toy box, of which she is now the proud owner of her first ever slinki, and we got a $30 gift certificate to use at the store, along with a few other coupons. How great is that!?

Here's to Rylie and her scribble creation. We are so proud of you!!!

November 07, 2009

A Winter Hula!

Rylie woke up from her nap this afternoon, and said, "I want to hula," and pointed to her Hula outfit hanging in the closet. Why not hula in the winter? (Hard to believe it was just a few days ago that we had 50 hours straight of snow...totalling 25 inches! We loved the 70 degree day today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!)

Tonight we got to babysit cousin Mariah while her parents went on a date night. Chad is working to be the favorite Uncle...bringing home the movie Tinkerbell for the girls to watch. Rylie was mesmerized and had never heard of Tink before. Mariah, though apparently begging to watch it all week (we had no idea) watched a bit and then was off to play. Here they are having dinner and a movie.

And I could not resist taking a picture of them in their PJ's for story time, just before bed. We love having Mariah such a part of our life!!!!

November 04, 2009

We love Kaitlin!

This is one of Rylie's favorite people...Kaitlin, our wonderful nanny! Kaitlin is a Senior at CU, a cheerleader, and a Godly woman who we so value having in our home each week. She regularly watches Rylie and showers her with so much love and fun. We are so grateful for her in our life...a bright spot and a needed spot. Yesterday was her birthday which she spent with Ryl' of coruse we celebrated her incredible life...a total gift to us.

Kaitlin, thank you for who you are, and the committment you have in striving to be all that God has made you to be. You are a wonder to us!