May 31, 2009

We love Finn!!!!!

We do not get to be with cousin Finn in person very much, as he lives in Seattle. Oh, how we wish we lived closer!!! However, we get to see him a lot in pictures! Here are a few of the latest pictures. Whenever we call, we often hear him laughing and giggling with glee in the background. ADORABLE. Needless to say, we are counting down the days until we get to see him next, this summer we hope!

May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Rylie went to her first birthday party today...for someone other than a family member! Lucy turned 2, and had a bubble party at the park. It was a simple time of playing on the playground, eating a great home made cake (nice job Jane!), and blowing a few bubbles. Loved it.

We love Mariah!

Rylie and cousin Mariah had a play date today. What a gift to have these two girls so close in age...4.5 months apart! Mariah is so sweet and fun!

May 26, 2009

Making Memories on Memorial Day

When we think of Memorial Day, we think of (Great) Grandpa Fletemeyer who served in WWII. So, with a day to play, we headed down to Colorado Springs and had such a wonderful time together with him. We came to bless him...but of course left being spoiled by him so much more!!!

We played a lot with Baca, his adorable chocolate lab. Rylie and grandpa played lots of catch...a duo that would melt your heart. Rylie just LOVES playing catch with dogs because it involves a ball, and a dog, and being outside...three of her most favorite things in one!

Grandpa also introduced Rylie to his garden that he is planting: tomatoes, squash, zucinni, and more! (He even makes his own compost!) Here she is with his wheel barrow, rake, etc...learning the ropes from the pro!

Great Grandpa also has all of the cool toys...from a rocking horse that Chad played with as a kid, to real musical instruments...and of course a jar full of cookies for the taking! Oh what fun!!!

For lunch we went to Fargos, that hotest pizza joint in town. It is one of those places that looks like you have traveled back in time to what an original pizza place looked like: music, ice-cream sundaes, balloons, an arcade, and the waitresses all in costume. It was so much fun seeing Grandpa love on Rylie as she took it all in.

At the player piano...

One of my favorite moments with Grandpa was when Rylie and he were sitting at the pizza table, and when I looked over from across the restaurant, they were both clapping to the music together. It was priceless: a pizza parlor bridging the generation gap.

In the arcade...LOVING being at the wheel!

We love you Grandpa Fletemeyer, and cannot wait to see you again! Thank you for such a memorable Memorial Day!

May 19, 2009

Rocking out...

She is on her new horse ALL OF THE TIME.

Summer, summer, summer time!!!!

The heat has arrived in Colorado...and as soon as it did, we headed to Tatie and Colin's house to play in their new pool. It was so much fun to see them run around the yard, splash in the pool, and enjoy the warm sunshine!!! This likely will be a regular part to our week...or day! Ha!

May 18, 2009

Up and out!

When Chad and I were away on our work trips...we found out that we were going to need to move...on Saturday, because our condo is under contract to sell!!!!!! PTL. Soooooooooo, we packed up our entire house (with the help of Grandma Dub. THANK YOU!!!!), sent Rylie off with Grann and Gramps for the day (THANK YOU!!!), moved all of our house (with the help of 11 friends, THANK YOU!!!!) 1 mile down the road, and settled into our new little condo...all in a matter of 3 days. It was a full few days, and needless to say it feels great to be on the other side of it all! Yeah!

Here is one of the highlights of the move. We could not fit the crib out the front Chad suggested an alternative route. I thought he was loosing his mind...but it worked!

Two of our dear friends, you know who you are, could not help us move, but offered to buy and deliver us all lunch! How great is that!? Incredible. Here is Rylie eating her share...her first slice of pizza! Talk about incredible, she nearly ate the entire thing!

Once we all get settled in, we gave Rylie a new toy, for her new bedroom. She hopped right on it and started to rock, as if she had done it many times before. When she woke up this morning...she could hardly wait to hop out of her crib and onto her horse! Love it.

Nana Dub To the Rescue...

So, it occured to us about two weeks ago, that Chad was going to be away on business at the same time that I was away on a staff this meant Nana Dub to the rescue! For Mother's Day we had the best gift everwe had lunch with all the Fletemeyer moms...and my mom flew in that night for a week stay, too! AWESOME.

What a gift she gave the three of us, that we could leave town for a few days, knowing Rylie was going to have a was Grandma! The first text that I received while away proved this point: "Just returned from 3 parks." Have we ever taken Rylie to three parks in one afternoon!? Incredible! Thank you Grandma for not only spoiling Rylie...but us too! (Little did we all know that she would be helping us pack boxes for a quick move out of of our condo...but that is the next blog!)

May 10, 2009

Touch a Truck!

We had to be out of our house for a few hours on Saturday for our final (we hope) showing of our condo. It looks like we might be moving next weekend ish!!! Yahoo! Nevertheless, it worked out our town of Superior, was having a little celebration in the park. The most exciting thing for Rylie was the "Touch a Truck" parade, where she got to not only touch, but sit and honk the horns of many HUGE trucks! Mom and Dad had a blast too!