February 21, 2008

Thunder Dome!

Chad calls this toy the "The Thunder Dome." Rylie hangs out under the dome each day.

She takes the loving cues from her dad as he coaches and cheers her along. It is a great sight to see!

Little Ryl's likes it a lot!

Surprise! Cousin Colin is born!

We had the best Valentine's gift this year! We awoke Feb. 14th to a phone call from Heidi and Lucas, saying their baby was on his way to be born in a matter of hours...a few weeks early. So, we scooted off to the hospital so Rylie could be one of the very first to meet her cousin...only 14 days younger than she. This was Rylie's first outing...what a special one!

Two proud dads!

Colin has to be in the hospital for several extra days for some extra TLC...but he is doing well, expected to go home soon.

"Meet the (grand)parents"

Rylie's grandma and grandpa Walker came for a visit. What a gift it was to have their presence. They did not let us cook or clean...and Chad and I even got to go out on three "dates" over the 10 days they were here.

I have decided that my mom cannot hold Rylie without singing or talking in a really high-pitched voice. Yet, what else would you expect from her, when she is holding her first grandbaby!

My dad has a special power...he can get Rylie to fall into a deep sleep so well. I have memories of falling aspleep on his lap as a little girl and now Rylie get's too, too. So sweet!

We also had a great evening together; the Walkers and the Flete's. All grandparents were present and even cousin Taite!

My mom and dad gifted us an incredible "all terrain" stroller, which we used for the first time when they were here. Have you ever seen four adults walking one baby? That happened this weekend, too. Special times in deed.

February 17, 2008

Rylie at nine days...

We are surprising ourselves as parents, doing things we never thought we would do; one of which was hiring a photographer to come to our house to take pictures of little Ryl's! Are we new parents or what!? So, at 9 days, these are some of our favorite ones captured...

These photo's were taken by Megan Newton. If you are interested in her photography services, you can reach her at: megan.newton@yahoo.com.

Rylie meets the press...

A few hours after Rylie was born, the Annex staff came to the hospital to conduct her first interview! The following video is the footage that was soon played at the Annex on Feb. 5th, before hundreds of college students. It has been such a blast and blessing to share this stage of life with all of them.

February 12, 2008

Smiley Rylie

Oh the faces of little Rylie...

SMILEY - Some would say her many smiles are from gas (very likely!) but we'd like to think she just has a special sparkle that is all her own...

SLEEPY - She sleeps like a champ, letting us get good rest, too!

KICKER - Rylie, 2.5 weeks early was kicking to get out and still kicks now that she is!

February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Rylie!

Her first 24 hours...

2:00 am – Jennie to Chad – “I think my water just broke?!”

3:05 am – Dr. – “A blue q-tip test, means it’s time to check into a hospital room.”

3:45 am – Dad, quickly back to the office, hits print to finish off at work, home to shower and finish packing, for a lifetime of change.

9:25 am - A baby shower scheduled for home, arrives at the hospital instead, and the thoughts that lead to anxiousness are temporarily suspending from our heads.

11:15 am - Waivers, pokes, and an explanation of what’s to come. Blue scrubs for Dad, a.k.a. camera man and biggest fan.

12:20 pm - The wait is finally over. A small army of doctor’s surround Jennie’s “bed” in the middle of the OR room.

12:25 pm - The doctors and staff make comments on the tri-athletes stomach muscles at close range. Dad pops up and down from behind the curtain like a jack-in-the-box wound tight.

12:28 pm - Rylie is free - rushed to a warming table, a brief moment to say hi, then cleared to leave the room. Meanwhile, Mom is stapled, patched, and clothed. Dad is searching for his mind.

12:40 pm – Rylie gets acquainted with the paparazzi made of friends and family in the welcoming room. Her “autograph” (a.k.a. footprints) are taken.

2:00 am - Time to feed again. I guess the water really did break, along with our hearts for this little girl, our daughter, our joy, our blessing.

Love –
Chad the dad.