July 29, 2009

Beep, beep, beep!

Guitar with Nana!

"Nana! Papa?"

Grandma and Grandpa Walker were in town this past weekend, and boy did Rylie LOVE having them around. Each morning she would wake up, asking for them, and would proceed to run to their bedroom door and knock. It is so special to see her grow so fond of them...because they are certainly in love with her! Needless to say she had lots of attention and spoiling...and even got given her first tricyle!!! THANK YOU for all of the love nana and papa. We love you!!!

Rylie's Dedication Celebration

We have been looking forward to Rylie's Dedication Celebration for some time. Little did we know that it would have exceeded our hopes so much! The weather was great, the Fletemeyer backyard was the perfect setting...and we could not have asked for a more meaningful service. Thank you to you dear friends and family for sharing in such a milestone of a day with us. We love, need, and value your support in raising Rylie in a way that some day she will dedicate her life to Jesus.

A few highlights from the day:
1. Having so many special people in our lives, together in one place.
2. Having Grandma Walker arrange, sing and play a special song just for Rylie.
3. Having Grandpa Fletemeyer prepare such fine and thoughtful words to impart to us all.
4. The dispersing of the "Rylie bands" as each attendee agreed to help raise her in the way of Christ. (So special, and a surprise to us!!!)
5. Having Grandpa Walker pray one of the more heart-felt prayers I have heard...it certainly brought on the tears...
6. The HUGE ladybug balloon that Marqui gave Rylie...and seeing it fly up into the trees in the middle of the celebration, and all Rylie kept saying while pointing to the sky, was "u-oh, u-oh." Adorable.

Thank you to everyone who made this day so memorable.

July 15, 2009

The Gang!

This past weekend, Rylie and I (Chad was on a week long fishing trip in Wyoming) met up with my covenant group from college, back in Seattle. We have done this at least once a year for the past 15 years...however this year was different. We had all of our kids and spouses come!!!! It was a full house...totally full of fun.

The weekend was watching our kids play together, meeting the two newest additions, celebrating Brady's 2nd year old birthday...and of course wonderful meals, and late nights once the kids were all down, asleep! The only question we left with was, when can we do this again.

Rylie was pretty elated all weekend long...enjoying the buzz, and all the people.

Thank you Wass and Monson for being such incredible hosts...joyful and generous, where we left feeling so loved and known. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

July 04, 2009


Ever since I moved to Colorado, over six years ago, I have not been able to go waterskiing. That all changed today, the 4th of July!!! Our friends, Angie and Aaron, invited us to go out on their new boat...and suprized us with buying ski's!! It was a dream come true for me!

Also, it was Rylie's first time on a boat...and Chad's first time waterskiing...and he got up the second try! What an incredible day...skiing, grilling, playing Yahtzee, and hanging out on the lake with friends! THANK YOU YOU TWO!!!

Up, up, up!

Chad and three of his buudies are training for a HUGE week long back-packing trip in Wyoming...which is in a week. We had one of his final training hikes yesterday up in the Park. Phil (one of the fishing buddies) and his family, along with the three of us hit the trail to Loch Vale...one of our favorite hikes in the Rockies. LOVE IT. (Johnny-boy, we missed you and JR!) It was pretty sunny the way up and while fishing/picnicing...but it rained the entire hike down. Everyone was in great spirits...and Chad even sacrificed his rain-jacket to Rylie...which of course was the right thing to do!

Here is smiley Rylie...soaking up another adventure in the mountains!

The Emerson clan: Julie and Phil, and Marcus (3rd grade) and Holly (5th grade). They were incredible hikers!!!!!!

This is one of the beautiful waterfalls along the way.

Here is Rylie...sleeping away, under the heap of a jacket, as if she is going to fall right out! Whatever makes her comfotable!

Rylie still wearing Chad's rainjacket...just after waking up from her nap! Peekaboo!

Nothing tastes better than PB&J at the top, on the lake!

Rylie, too! How nice to not have to pack special food for Rylie...she is such a big girl now!

Chad and Phil fishing away...

Hiking around...

Hiking down...

What a beautiful day!