February 27, 2009

Rylie's 1 year old photo shoot

Last weekend we went out and around Boulder with Rylie in toe, to take her one year old photo's. Our friends, Travis and Laura, are looking to expand their photography business to include babies. Rylie was their first official baby shoot! (Nice choice!) Not only are they INCREDIBLE photographers...Rylie giggled and smiled with every click! We think they did a masterful job at capturing our love for her...and her love for life! Enjoy! (There are more to come...these are just some they just sent to us as a "tease" for what is to follow shortly...)

Travis and Laura have their own photography business,
fuse-photographic.com. They do weddings, events, advertisements, family photo's and more. We are total fans of their work...each picture is a piece of art! THANK YOU, YOU TWO! What a cherrished gift our time with you was!


This is just an example of how the simplest things...she just gets a kick out of! I was cutting peppers in the kitchen...so now she really likes caring around peppers! And then one time, I was snapping my tongue (not sure why) and she started copying...so now she can snap her tongue. Oh the wonderful stage of copying!

February 26, 2009

Dip, dip, dip...

Rylie is preferring to do more and more on her own. Here is her first attempt at feeding herself with a spoon. We still have to work on her scooping technique...but for now she likes to DIP her spoon. Whatever it takes to get her to eat the "green foods!"

February 24, 2009

Our little climber...

Rylie is a dare devil...and has not fallen enough to be intimidated by the idea of falling! Here she is climbing up a ladder...which she scaled a few times in a row without my help! (Do not worry I was near by to catch her if she fell...) When she climbs ontop of boxes, she often claps for herself, and then does a little "dance" because she is just so happy about her accomplishment. So cute...

February 22, 2009

Rylie tries gymnastics!

Counsin Mariah, invited Rylie to go to her gymnastics class this week. What a fun time we had!!!! There were LOTS of kids and LOTS of parents to play with. We blew bubbles, kicked balls, bounced on the blow-up runway, walked on the beam, climbed up, over and down wedges and matts, swung from the bars, and sang lots of songs. Rylie was ALL OVER the gym...tackling everything she could get to. She was all smiles the whole time, sharing her smile and laugh with everyone. She definately like physical challenges. She is not intimidated in the least...not by people...and not be obstacles. It is so fun to see!!!!! We are so proud of her...and she is certainly proud of herself!

Rylie 's first day on the balance beam!

February 16, 2009

A bath for ducky...

Look what we found in the toilet! I guess "someone" wanted to give ducky a special bath!

Awe and wonder...

If only I could see the world through Rylie's eyes. EVERYTHING is facinating, as she ventures around the house with complete wonder and joy. Here are a few things she enjoyed this weekend...and believe me these are just the things we got on camera...there are more!!! Cabinets, a Costco box, a special Valentine balloon from dad, shoes, buggy, and a ladder (thanks to our sprinkler mishap!) (Too, she is sporting her Valentines dress from G & G Dub, too! So cute...THANK YOU!)

February 14, 2009

Valentines Dinner for Da-da!

What is the best way to dad's heart!? Through his stomach of course! We could have made heart cookies...but we decided to make a heart pizza instead! We tied an apron onto Rylie, and we started our Valentines creation. I spread the dough and the sauce...and Ryl's sprinkled the cheese (and ate it). Together we arranged the pepperoni's into a heart (and nibbled a few!) After she stepped into the pizza one time (oops!), we put it in the oven. This was Rylie's first hands-on experience with actually preparing a dinner. So fun...and of course so delicious!

February 12, 2009

G & G Dub Valentine Gift!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Dub for the fun Valentines package! We could not wait to open it. Here is a little clip of Rylie tearing into it. (It will not load to this site, so just go to the link below to see it...) We love you!


February 08, 2009

Talking with her mouth full...

It seems like overnight she is trying to copy our words. How incredible to see her little brain soak it all up!!!!

A Saturday Hike

We awoke to another beautiful "Spring" day in the supposed coldest Winter month of the year in Colorado. So what does this mean!? Time for a hike! We went up Sanitas...a great trail in the foothills of the Rockies. As soon as we hit the trail, Rylie was making friends with fellow hikers with her smile, pointing and squealing at every dog we met, all the while taking in the sites and sounds of the mountains as we made our way to the top! (Side note...Rylie is getting bigger!! With every pound Ryl's gains...it is a pound loss for us, as we carry her on up! Dad took her up...Mom took her down!) We stopped for a little picnic on the way up, and after we reached the peak and took a few pictures, Rylie was so tired from the ride up, that she fell asleep as we miandered downward! What a great Saturday!