August 30, 2008

Luke and Cyndi's wedding!

Chad's bro, Luke got married to Cyndi Torres on 8.8.08. It was a wonderful time with the whole fam, and we are so glad we got to be a part of the fun. Here's a taste of the day. (Sorry about the size of these...all, but one are from the photographer's site, which only allows thumbnails to be copied.)

Look closely at this one...the photographer titled it, "milkshake."


What can I say...we just had to capture a few of her many expressions today! She's such a fun little girl. (And notice her two teeth now!! She is growing up so fast!)

Hats off!

Rylie's latest discovery is mom's hat. She laughs when I wear it...and enjoys playing with it. Here is a little Friday game of peek-a-boo and dress-up!

Swing, swing, swing!

I wish I video'd her on the swing set...just imagine squeals of delight as you see these photos. She just loves the swing...and we just love watching her smile and giggle with glee. (Yes I took a lot of pictures...and these are only a FEW!)

Go Colorado Buffaloes!

We went to the CU football rally last night on Pearl Street. It was so much fun. It is a parade celebrating the Colorado Buffaloes! The band, cheer squad, football team and every family in Boulder turn out for this event. We met up with the Potter's and K. Fry and jumped in the festivities.

Of course we HAD to get little Ryl's the perfect outfit for the night! So here she is sporting her Buff attire. She got the cutest fan award (at least according to us!) There were a few strangers that stopped and took her picture though...

Daddy and daughter!

August 16, 2008

Go Buff's!

Well, now she is officially a true Fletemeyer. Rylie went to her first University of Colorado football game (scrimmage). A girl after her dad's own heart...

She was watching intently...

The first of many family football games!

Play time!

Here Chad is blasting Rylie with her first experience with bubbles. Histerical.

Carol D, is a dear friend of the Fletes, who was visiting from Texas...and just spoiled Rylie with love.

Kathy Raybin is a dear friend with the Fletes, and me, whom I (Jennie) lived with my first year in Colorado.


Kathy and Carol played a little "baby tug-a-war" veing for Rylie time. So cute.

Here we are playing in the rose pedals, left over from Uncle Luke and Aunt Cyndi's wedding.

Now, when Rylie goes to Granne's house...there is a new super fun toy...a walker! She took to this like she had been doing it from birth! She LOVES the power to move! So incredible to see!!!

Rylie meets "Uncle Jonny-boy"

Rylie got to meet her uncle Jonny-boy...and we got to meet his girlfriend, Jaimie-Rose. The five of us had such a fun and packed 3 was hard to see them go. Here are some of the 150 photo's that were taken over the weekend.

All smiles as she played with the tallest human she ever met...6'8''.

We hit the Boulder County Fair...and went to the rodeo...J-boy and Rylie's first! J-boy (a true Southern Californian) said, "The only rodeo I have ever been to is Rodeo Drive!" Ha!

We took a stroll along the Boulder Creek...

We hit Rocky Mountain National Park...and saw a scene like you'd find in National Geographic magazine...a few herds of elk. Incredible!

Then it was time to hike! This was Rylie's first all day hike. She was a champ...squeeling with joy, sleeping for hours...and soaking up the trail. She was in the baby carrier for over 7 hours! Now that is a "go baby!"

Here she is sleeping as we hike!

This was Rylie's first experience with sunglasses. She was all about them. So cute!!!

JR and Jonny-boy...come again...we love you guys!