May 25, 2011

Drive-in Movie Night!

We got to play with the Potter kids on Saturday night. So we decided to have a drive in movie night! They each got a "car" and got to decorate the wheels, radiator, and license plate. Then we stuck it all together, through pillows inside, a popcorn tray, and popped in the movie Tangled. It was so much fun, and they stayed in their cars the entire movie!!! Rylie came down with a fever later in the she was on the couch for much of the movie...but rallied at the end. Good times with cousins...again!

Earlier in the evening the kids were playing in the side yard...

May 17, 2011


Go CU...

Swim Lessons for Rylie...

Chasing Princesses

Jaden cleaning like mom...

A Shower for Jane!

We are so excited for Baby boy Filkin to arrive...ANY DAY. Here is a little party we through getting ready for his arrival.

We love Uncle Ryan!!!

Spring play...

New Tug Boat pool and our water table all filled up! Let the fun begin!

Our Tulip Tour on Pearl Street

After church we hit Pearl Street to take a look at all the new tulips!!! Beautiful. So lovely that Rylie picked one...oops!

Chad's surprize bithday party!!!

We love our daddy...and had so much fun celebrating him with our Couples' Group...6 other families. It was a Lua theme...

Good times around the hood...

Here are a random assortment of shots over the past few weeks...
- Rylie celebrating Jack's bithday
- The girls dressing up in my old dance costume
s- J sporting glasses, which she LOVES
- Rylie in dad's new scuba diving vest
- The girls doing art
- Rylie's shoes caught in the fence at the park
- The girls finger painting with chocolate pudding
- Auntie dana visiting and playing at the park
- Mother Daughter Tea at preschool
- Jaden getting ready with me in the AM...
- J sleeping
- Rylie's new Cinderella dress (the old one is VERY worn)
- Tea with grandma's
- Teeter-Totter
- Dandilion picking