August 25, 2011

Nanna and Pappa time!

The Carousel at the Zoo!

The Carousel up in Nederland!

The puppet theater above the carousel!

August 20, 2011


With the addition of little Willow, it has become more apparant how wonderful it is that Rylie and Jaden have eachother to play with (and annoy!). Here they are feeding the chickens in our neighborhood, Chad feeding Willow for the first time, and the girls helping Pappa build my new pantry shelves!

Family Gathering at Granne's

A few photo's of the Colorado cousins...

Jaden's words!

Pony ride

Rylie has been interested in horses and ponies quite a lot lately. When we had the chance to ride one today at the local Peach Festival, she was all over it. "I have the most beautiful pony!"

Bug Hunt

We have been hunting bugs quite a lot lately...Jaden being the most interested. We have not caught many...until Nanna Dub came to town. Here is the greatest bug yet...a Praying Mantis!

August 07, 2011

Hiking in Eldorado Canyon

Just enjoying a little picnic, hike and time at the river on a Saturday afternoon...

Willow at 9 days

Willow time...

Just loving getting to know our little wonder...

Granne and Gramps, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Lucas, a princess crown from the girls, and lots of mommy and daddy love (even in our sleep)!

The first bath...