August 25, 2010

MRI Report

We got the call from our Dr. on Monday with the results of Jaden's 6 month MRI. He said her brain is totally clean, normal and beautiful. Incredible!!!! There are NO signs of trauma from her birth!!! When I asked him about the very, very slight variations that they thought might be there at her birth MRI, he said they were just small shadows on the scan. Babies' brains are so tiny that it is hard to read scans well at birth, especially there is nothing that is hugely wrong. This is the best news EVER. We were hoping we'd get a great report...and this is as great as we could have asked for. PRAISE GOD. PRAISE GOD.

Thank you for playing a part in this little miracle baby. Just like her name, Jaden, means, "God has heard."

All smiles!!!

August 22, 2010

Rachel is here!!!

We have a new friend living with us! Rachel is our nanny for the next year, and she is now officially moved in! She will be watching the girls on Tue and Thu each week...and being a part of our little family.

Rachel is about THE SWEETEST WOMAN you might ever meet. Rachel just graduated from The University of Colorado in May and is now taking pre rec classes for Pediatric Nursing. I know her from The Annex and am so excited she has arrived. Rylie especially loves that she is around. Rachel is a God-send to us. We hope you get to meet her soon! Here's to a great year ahead!

Nanna + Rylie + Jaden = SPOLIED

Nanna came to town for a week, and the girls had sooooooooooooo much fun. From buidling trains out of sand in the turtle box, bed time stories, guitar singing and dancing, bath tub fun, parks galore, and many gifts...these girls love their Nanna! I believe it was clear to all of us on Friday night, that the highlight to the week for Rylie was getting her Cinderella dress. Besides to sleep, she has worn that dress for the past 3 days. (We already had to sew part of it back together because she has played in it to hard.) We thought it would be fun, the evening she got her princess dress, to take her to a castle. We found the nearest bouncy castle and she was in heaven...and proclaimed she was looking for her prince! Thank you Nanna for all of the fun. We cannot wait for you to return!!!!!!! It is a treat for ALL of us. You truly do spoil us!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Taite!!

Halfy Birthday Jaden!!!

I can hardly believe our little sweets is 6 months old!!!!

WE are always looking for opporunities to celebrate this one is a great reason! We sang the birthday song lots on August 19th!!! We have so much to celebrate in her. She is a reminder to us that every baby is a miracle. Here are a few 6 month shots:

Another "fun" thing we got to do was take Jaden to her 6 month follow up her "rough start" at birth. We get the results back, hopefully tomorrow. The actually MRI was just fine...of course we got to the hospital early...and they were running late. So besides having to wait for 2 hours, and besides she haden't eaten for nearly 10...she was all smiles!!! Way to go J-bop! You are a trooper.

I think she is about the cutest thing I ever seen in her little hospital gown. Who knew they made them so small!?

The doctors said she did not want to "go to sleep" (babies need to be sedated for MRI's)...and she woke up VERY quickly after the procedure. That sounds like my girl!

August 15, 2010

A Great Weekend Together...

Friday night, we took a picnic to a Wanika Lake (just down the street). The boathouse there has super fun paddle boats to rent. Rylie chose the yellow duck for us to ride.

Saturday we went for a good hike in Boulder, a favorite one of ours. It seems to get more difficult as the kids get older...because they get heavier! It was awesome though for sure. Incredible views. Jaden especially enjoyed the ride...all smiles!

August 09, 2010

Jaden's First Swing!!!

Our happy little bug!

It is finished!!!!

I am happy to say, after a summer of HARD WORK, the basement is finished...all 1000 square feet of it. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Chad did an incredible job and has the most amazing endurance to do it so quickly. I am so proud of my husband (though he would be embarrassed to know I brag of him so!!!) Such a gift to our family! Here is a sneak peak...of course there are more little things to do...but it is liveable!!!!!



Guest room (where Rachael will move into this Wednesday for the year!!!!)

Kids' Play Area

Family Room

The Girls' Secret Hideaway

August 04, 2010

Halfy Birthday Rylie!

Half's are a big deal when you are little! And Rylie turned two and a half on Sunday...the same day that Stephen and Marqui (her first nanny) got married! Rylie was their flower girl. That morning she asked if she was going to have cake...and the answer was the wedding! She got a BEAUTIFUL new dress, shinny new "slippers", and a huge wedding cake to celebrate!!!! It was a great day!!!!!